Problem when users log-in to the App

Hello everyone :slight_smile: , I am new to Glide but I have been messing with it for some days and I love it. But I have a problem:

I have created an app allowing favorites to be added, therefore If a user sign-in to the App, one entry is created in the “Apps: Logins sheet” (automatically created by adding the favorites component). However, the problem is that a second entry is created in the main sheet of the app, thus creating a row (below the last row with information) with not data other than the email of the signed user.

How can I do to avoid this to happen (the second entry in the main sheet), what am I missing?

Thank you for your valuable help gliders!

Wow that was quick! Thank you very much for you help David, it was so simple!, my bad :slight_smile:

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It’s a design flaw we need to fix!