Login events are wrongly recorded in a sheet

My app uses preauthorized email list.
In some cases Glide logs the emails users who enter the app in a sheet of my app.
See the bottom 3 entries in the screenshot:


  1. The sheet is not the App: Logins auto-generated sheet. This is one specific sheet that is used for data.
  2. The users are not necessarily logging with a pin code - just opening the app is enough to trigger that.

The effect of this bug creates false categories that are later selected as part of the app flow.

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@Mark @david I think this needs to be looked at. This is the 3rd user (including myself) who has noted this. The issue is around apps that don’t have a sheet that collects user info (other than App: Logins). The User Profile seems to assign itself to the first sheet and without some instruction from Glide, users aren’t aware of this until they start to see email address entries in their first sheet, which can cause other issues with the rest of the columns in that sheet.


Thanks @kyleheney! I don’t think I understood the workaround. Is this similar for the case of Email whitelist?

The bug is still reproducing: I’ve have a created a new “Users” sheet with the columns as you mentioned, redirected the Email whitelist sheet in Glide - logged in with a new email address - and that email has created an entry in my first sheet.

On that note - are any of these terms [“Users”, “User”, “Name”, “Image”] are reserved names in Glide?

@kyleheney is referring to the new User Profiles feature. I believe, by default, it chooses your first sheet to store App Logins (@Mark has hinted that App: Logins might be going away altogether in lieu of the new User Profiles feature).

So, in this instance, you’ll need to define where you’d like to store your user login data. Though, I agree that clarification is needed. @Mark, is User Profiles turned on by default and does it automatically select the first sheet?

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That’s great - I didn’t know this feature exists.
I will let you know if the workaround works.

We are fixing this today — it will not automatically assign.


Did this get fixed?

I just tried creating a sheet but couldn’t assign the sheet manually as I think it only works on the initial sheets when you create the app. I still have this issue

It’s fixed. Your new sheet needs columns for name email and photo.

Watch the video here. It explains how to assign the sheet and columns for user profiles. I think the problem is with existing apps before the features was added. I’m guessing it’s hard to back it out for everyone without messing up people who are using the feature now.

Started using Glide yesterday, and was struggling all day today with that issue, you saved my life! Was really getting crazy about it haha

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I am running into this same issue and I am not sure I am understanding the fix. I have a user profile sheet that stored all of the individuals users profile information. I originally connected this profile sheet to the user profiles in the app via the video Robert made, but noticed it logging the logins of users to that same sheet.

The fix says to use a separate sheet for the app logins, but the means that name, email, and profile avatar will not stay synced to my user profile sheet I have created. I am not sure that the use of user profile makes sense in this fashion, but rather login data. but I don’t really need avatar and name logged every time a user logs in.

Am I missing something?

The new feature replaces the use of any methods you were using before to create profiles. I assume you are still requiring a user to submit a form to complete their profile, but glide is designed to create the record for you. That’s probably why you have duplicates. What you should be doing is let Glide add the record to the profile sheet when the user signs in. Then let the user edit their record instead of creating a new one with a form button. You can still use your existing profile sheet. It should only track unique emails.

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Correct. Don’t use a form button. Instead, on the user profile page, filter by signed in user and add text/image entry fields to complete the profile (or just enable Edit on this page…or both). Then, use visibility settings to hide the entry fields once their profile is complete (you’ll need to use an if then column in the data editor to determine this).

I should probably create a new video on onboarding using the new user profiles. Like this post if you agree.


Got it! That will solve one of the problems. But I am seeing a new entry for each user every time they sign in. It doesn’t seem that the duplicate entries are causing any issues with the navigation of the app.

Are you seeing duplicate entries for NEW users or existing ones?

Existing. But not just one. It is creating a new entry every time a user logs in. Like historical login data.

I don’t want to submit this as another bug report if it working as intended. I just need to understand if I should be disabling the user profile feature for now.

Just to be clear, you’re not looking at the app: logins sheet or using it for anything, correct?

I have a video now on user profiles and onboarding. You’ll see that I don’t even touch the App:Login sheet
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