Our Chores v1.0: An app that lets you manage and track your child(ren)'s chores

:wave: Hello fellow Gliders!

I wanted to share with you my newest template: Our Chores. I’ve seen several requests over the past week for a tutorial on task management as well as creating an onboard experience using the new User Profiles feature. I created version 1.0 of this app in under 24 hours—I plan on enhancing/gamifying it in the future. Take a look at the video tour below:

If you’d like to try the app as a child, visit:

If you’d like to make a copy for yourself, on a desktop, laptop or tablet, visit:

If you’d a tutorial on how I created the onboarding experience, just watch the video below:


I always learn a ton from your videos. Great tips!

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A great app, thanks for sharing! I am trying to build something similar for my startup, however, I need a list of predefined tasks by client location. Is it possible for a form to read a table of tasks (columns are the task header and rows are the rooms my guys are cleaning and each cell is the actual task)? My thought is to have another sheet to collect the timestamps of when they say ‘completed’. Happy to hop on a call and pay for your time :slight_smile: :+1:

I imagine this list of tasks is recurring?

They are, yes. Once a sales rep builds the task list (an app for another day) it produces a list of tasks that have to be done, by room, for that specific location. I am taking it a step further by showing the cleaning person not only the task, but a picture of the materials he/she needs to do the job in that room. For example, a bathroom task may be: “Clean the toilet with the RED cloth” and a corresponding image of a red cloth and spray bottle. I simply have the images paired with the task.

Happy to share my Sheet so you can see the tabs and columns. And also happy to pay for consultation, your time is valuable to me.

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Oh and I have a PRO account btw.

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Gotcha. This sounds like a great instance for user specific columns…only issue is the reset and tracking of the list. User specific columns will allow you to push out a list to everyone who needs it and they can each mark things off on the list without affecting other users. The problem is this feature is so new that it doesn’t have support for the centralized tracking (by an admin let’s say) of the checkboxes per user. Likewise, the user specific columns live in the data editor and not the sheet, so a Google Sheets script couldn’t be run to reset the values nightly.

Recurring tasks is something I’ve been pondering for a while now. Let me play with it a bit today and I’ll reach out in a bit.

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Hey Bob - Check your template - I can’t seem to add helpers.

It looks like there’s an incomplete setting tor allowing users to edit, and visibility on the button seems a little restrictive for a blank app.

Did the app force you to create your profile as part of the onboarding experience?

Whoops - I was in the builder. But after logging in, I get this, and no edit pencil.

Yeah…check your sheet…i think there might be other users in there that can’t read and signed into the app template :roll_eyes:.

I’m updating the template now to show a message to the user in the builder to publish and visit the app…perhaps there’s another way I’m not seeing…

Whatever you did fixed it. It has a whole different look in both the app and the builder. Who knew it’d be so challenging to post a template, huh?

BTW - Awesome app. I’d have loved to have something like this back in the day for my kids. They were all pre-smartphone.

Makes sense. So it sounds like the tasks themselves need to be the actual column heading and not in a cell themselves.

Seriously…problem with onboarding experiences is that you can only see them in the published app. In the builder for a new build, the app doesn’t recognize you’re signed in (even though your email address will show in the profile section of the menu).

Is there a workaround @mark? @david? @JackVaughan?

I added this to the builder for now:

Set when UserCount is empty.

I still don’t think this is acting the way you intended. I didn’t do anything to the app in the builder except publish.

@George_B or anyone else with scripting knowledge… If I set up a sheets script to clear the users column every minute, will other users inherit this script in their sheet when they make a copy?

I don’t think scripts transfer with a template because if the way the sheet data is copied. Basically glide grabs the data, creates a new sheet in a new account, then pushes the data to the new sheet. It’s not the same as copying a sheet within your own account

Yeah…somehow the UserCount column got messed up. Fixing now…mind deleting and trying again in a couple minutes?

Fixed. Delete and try again for me>?

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