Simple to do list for my kids

Hi I’m trying to build a simple to do list app for my kids.

I want to type in tasks into a spreadsheet. And in the app I want my kids to say if they did the task or not. And I want that to be written back to the spreadsheet in the row where I entered the task.

Can Glide do this?

Sure can! Though, it would be a lot easier if it doesn’t get written back to the sheet. You’d be able to use User Specific columns:

Is it possible to write back to the sheet?

The person who enters the tasks needs to know if they get done.

Could you have a “parent account” within the app that allows for the entering and checking of tasks?

We really need each user to do that. So the user will receive a task, mark it as complete, and the parent can then see which tasks are completed vs not completed.

Right. This can all be done in the app if you wanted. When parents sign in, they’ll have access to “add a new task” that kids won’t have. Can even build a dashboard for parents to see which tasks have been completed.

the part I dont understand how to build here is…how do you give each kid a task, have them answer Yes or No and then write that back to the gsheet.

I recommend taking a look at the task tracker template for a general sense of the mechanics:

You’d need a sheet that lists your kids and a sheet that will house the tasks that need completing. You can create a form button that will allow you to create a new task and assign it to one of the kids from the kids sheet (using a choice component). In the task sheet you’ll want to collect kid name, task name, timestamp, due date, and kid email address (if your kids are signing into the app to see tasks specific to only them). In that sheet should also be a column that will allow for the true/false checkbox value so kids can mark the task as done.

Then it’s just a matter of creating relations and components to display the list per kid and configuring visibility settings on the form buttons, etc so that kids can’t create their own tasks (unless you want them to).

It’s hard to explain all the intricacies through text, but the app concept is very doable.

Thanks I’ll check that out.

this particular example has projects and then projects have tasks

I just really wanted tasks and I was confused how to remove projects from that example

I’ve been meaning to try my hand at a legit task tracker. Maybe I’ll throw one together today or tomorrow.

The problem I see with using user specific rows for something like this is that the only one who can uncheck the task is the user themselves. So you can’t write code to uncheck all the routine daily tasks, or have the parent see that they are checked and then uncheck them for the next day.

Right. User specific columns don’t work here. I’m in the middle of building a chores app for my kiddos. I’ll share when completed (nearly there)!

Stay tuned!

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In this case the parent defines the tasks and publishes them to each user.

Then each user can mark them as complete or not.

The parent needs to see if they are complete or not

Thanks appreciate it!

Following this thread to see how it was achieved. I have the same question as Badger. I want a “template” of To Do items and my workers (kids in her case) do the job by marking the tasks as done, and that activity gets recorded to another sheet or tab so I can “audit” the work and keep a history of the jobs performed.

Hmm. Okay so, I’m by no means a pro, but to practice using Glide I sometimes lurk peoples requests or questions to see if I can figure out how to do it myself. This is what I came up with. What I’m sharing is a BLANK sheet, you’ll have to copy it over to use it. This’ll work, right?

Whoever logs in first to the app is automatically deemed the “Admin”, you can see this on the Users sheet. From there, as users log in, it will automatically add them to the Users sheet. These emails are being fed from the Logins sheet via a unique formula.

When you, the Admin, are logged in, you’ll have a dashboard that lets you see what chores are completed, done or overdue. Obviously you can add more chores from here as well.

I’m also a sucker for making things look different, so I did sneak in some ForBIdDEn html/css to make the dashboard look the way it does, but if you don’t want the rich text component there, you can swap it out for regular components and apply the proper filters, or get rid of it all together.

I played around with it only for a little bit, and due to my quarantine I’m out of coffee atm so my brain is absolute mush LOL, but I think it works alright?

Let me know how it works for you.

Thanks How do I take a look at this in the glide editor?

Hey Badger…here you go!

Just a suggestion, the new user profiles feature could handle automatically adding emails to the users sheet. I think this is better than using unique, because any modifications to the app:logins sheet could corrupt the data in the users sheet.

Open the app in a desktop browser and click on the copy button to copy a template.