Create Task list - with option to mark as complete

Hi All. I have looked and can’t seem to find an answer to this, but I apologise if it’s obvious (new to this)

I am trying to build an app for our sales and operational teams that allows the monitoring of project tasks.

The main issue I’m struggling with is, I have a set of tasks that I want to track, in the app. I want the users to log in, check project status and see which tasks are marked as complete, and which arent…

I can create a checkbox that marks an action in isolation, but doing it doesn’t keep it referenceable within the app.

For the sake of clarity, here is what I have:

  • Main screen: List of project names with image
  • Drill down screen: 2 buttons - 1. Project Status Update (I want this to be a check list) - 2. Report an issue (I have this done, based on the issue tracker template.

Thanks in advance

Take a look at my demo app and look at the Tasks demo. You can copy it to play with and to see the sheet. My example is a a single list that can be viewed and marked completed by multiple users. It may not be exactly what you are looking for, but hopefully it will give you ideas.

Thanks Jeff for the quick response. I have had a quick look and will play around. It seems like exactly what I’m after isn’t avaiable. I am, however, grateful for your reply.

Thanks again

@Andy_Young the beauty of Glide is that if you find something close to what you want you can usually adapt it to what you want. For instance I did a search here on “task completed” and came up with this post:

Just curious, are your list of tasks always the same, or are they unique to a project? If they are always the same, then you could create a column for each task in your project sheet. Then when you are viewing the project, you can enable editing and then when you edit the record, you can create a checkbox for each column task that your want to check off.

I’m not sure I follow what you mean by this quote.

I’m making assumptions based what you noted in your first post, so I’m not exactly sure what you are going for.

Hi Again, Jeff. Thanks for still thinking about this.

My meaning was that, I found a way to go into the peroject and check a box against a task. But when you close and re-open, you are able to check that same task again. It doesn’t reference and show, that it was completed already.

Hi George,

Thanks for the advice, I actually found that post and a couple of others when researching. I didn’t think it suited my needs, but the problem is, I’m not technical, so I might not be fully grasping what the outcome was.

I had a an idea last night that I am going to try and play with today and see if that works for me.

Thanks again.

Hi @Jeff_Hager & @George_B

Here is the App as I have it so far. Https://

The main thing I would love to be able to do, is drill down into the individual live projects, and see what tasks in the project management stages are complete. If I could, then it would be great to have a percent complete bar

I have tried to replicate the solution tsam posted on Georges referenced post but It’s how to display the results I’m struggling with. I only found out about glide on sunday, so I’m still trying to figure it out.

Sorry to be a pain, but any suggestions are really appreciated.

Hi Andy,

I am overcoming the same sort of problem.
Mmmm there are a few ways to do it.

  1. Add another sheet to list all the projects. You can use the UNIQUE function to dynamically generate the list.

In that sheet, add a column using countifs for the total number of tasks related to that project. And another column with a countifs for the number of tasks completed for each project. The % will give you the progress bar.

  1. To list the completed task associated with each project, you can use an inline reference I think. It is a bit hacky - but you can create a project id with a suffix of completed. E.g. 001-completed. Each task should have this id once it is completed. This will allow you to list all completed items related to that project instead of all the items. There might be better ways of doing this.

  2. To list all completed tasks regardless of a project, you can add another tab linked to your task sheet and add a filter for Completed. You can do the same for tasks that the user created.

I also use a checkbox or toggle switch to indicate completion/resolution of an issue.

Hope that helps.

Hi Spellytics,
Thanks for the input. I think I have cracked it. Its clunky and def not as elegant as it could be, but feel free to have a look and tell me what you think.

HI Jeff
I’m trying to track tasks that are completed with in the app so that rather than going through each item with in a tab. here is my link for the app their for have to create a tab which is the easy part, its viewing the completed tasks iv got to try and link together.

What are you asking? I’m not sure I understood if you have a question.