Need help with the Relations of users and Tasks Completed

Hi, I’m new to Glide, but loving it so far.

I’m making a task management app that has a list of pre-defined and recurring tasks with due dates. Each user needs to be able to log in and complete the tasks by checking them off. Every time a new user comes along, they should see all the same tasks for them to complete.

My task sheet columns are: Task, Date, Completed, notes
I also have a sheet with User emails.

I’ve read and watched many tutorials online, but none show me what I’m trying to do. Per-user data is confusing here because I have multiple users who each have multiple tasks. And Multiple tasks can all have multiple users.

Can someone please advise me on what sheets I need set up and what columns need to be related? Thanks!

For multiple tasks, should each user have their own version of the task (each user must complete this task individually) or is the task collaborative, meaning anyone can complete the single task and have it cleared from all lists?

It is not collaborative. They need to complete them individually.

Might need to create a list of all tasks and then a separate sheet that tracks the completion of those tasks via form button (log of users submitting a form). The log would include the users email address.

In the master task list sheet:

  1. Create a multiple relation between the task name in the this list of tasks and the task name in the log form.
  2. Create a lookup of the email column in the log (this returns the users who have completed the task)
  3. In the layout view, filter the task list where email lookup column is not signed in user.

I’ve done something similar in my app: Check out the “challenges” tab to see the functionality.

@Robert_Petitto - Is it okay if I use your app and check it out?

Of course! Submit an entry! It’s a concept app, play around. It’s not ready for copying yet, though. I’m waiting for a couple features and the ability to reorder/rearrange data columns as it’s been pieced together as I come out with new ideas.

Take a look at the info in this thread. I have a somewhat working example of Tasks in If you copy the app, you can turn on public with email and with some minor changes, get a working example. My example uses a shared list of tasks that can be view and individually completed by multiple users.


Any updates to this thread with some of the newer features or different solutions from above?
I have multiple app concepts that would benefit from this concept.

Thank you!

I really like your Itemstore app. Is it available to copy and see the behind the scenes?