Help with Users / Tasks

Hello Guys,
i’m building a learning app with Glide.
i have tables in airtable. one for students contain all students
and one for tasks which is linked by students.

each student has a list of tasks need to do.

i didn’t find a way to display tasks by logged student in the app.

can you help with this ?

Hello and welcome to the community :partying_face:

One way to do that would be to create a MULTIPLE relation from the students in the students table to the students in your tasks table. Next add a list in your app and for the ‘source’ choose the newly created relation.

I imagine your flow could look like this…

A screen connected to a list of students. When you click on a student the action is show details screen → this item.

Inside that students detail screen we add a list component with our relation as it’s source.


the problem in my case that
i have multiple tasks by user
the student is used as user
so i want to show tasks for each logged user. and cannot see others users task or modify , i have tried this but not working for me !

So when the students sign in, they should only ever see their own data? Is there any time when a student would need to view another student’s data? Would the teacher ever need to access all students and their task list?

Here’s a video that demonstrates one possible way to do it