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I have a very simple app but for the life of me I am having issues figuring out how to have each individual user have their own progress saved in a separate row. When I switch from one user to another Glide overwrites the user info pulled over in the relation from one sheet to the other. What on earth am I doing wrong? Maybe I need more caffeine.

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I just copied your app, but it’s not immediately clear to me what should be happening.
Can you describe what I should do, and what the expected behaviour should be?

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Your Add Row action on the Go To Farm button doesn’t seem to do anything. Also your UserEmail column is just pulling the email from the user profile, so every row has the same email of the signed in user. I also have no idea what your app is trying to do.

If I can provide any suggestion, maybe you need to filter a screen by signed in user or apply Row Owners so a user has access to the proper row. Not really sure which table that should be applied to.


My intent is for a signed in user to go from the Market (or main menu) to the Farm menu. Then they accept an open task/assignment. As they complete the subtasks they click them off in the app. Once they complete all the subtasks they Confirm that the assignment is done. Glide then indicates that the task is completed on the Farm sheet for that user. It then also updates the User sheet showing that they have completed the Farm assignment. I would like for each user to be able to complete the same assignments. So, for example, user one completes the Farm assignment, while User two also completes the Farm assignment at the same time. Both are annotated as having completed the same assignment. I hope that makes sense.

Please check this out. Really good temp on tasks and completed tasks.

Wiz, thank you. But that only keeps track for a single user. I am looking to track tasks for multiple users and even multiple users performing the same tasks simultaneously.

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@Darren_Murphy is looking into I think…so lets wait. I just downloaded it and can see you dont have an inline list of tasks for same/multiple users. What is happening is that each time row is being added the new row is not accessible to the user except the first. And because row 1 of the farm sheet already has 0 and 1’s (your conditions being show when empty) nothing happens.

Lets wait anyway for @Darren_Murphy to come back.

Thank you

Hi please try this…I misread @Darren_Murphy 's comments…

If there is anything you don’t understand such as why a “go back” when you already have a “navigate to tab”, let me know, and I will explain Your t-userEmail is a problem…I have not removed it but added another to show you the difference it can make…This one is better for doing calcs and many other things.

Not sure this is what you want, but I made a few assumptions.

That is EXACTLY what I was working toward. Thank you Wiz Wazeer! :grin: :blush: This issue has been a pebble in my shoe for weeks now.

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In that case let me delete the link since it’s your concept. Thank you :blush:


Actually. Could you please re-submit it. I think I broke something.

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Oh no I deleted the app from my dashboard :face_with_hand_over_mouth: sorry.

Send me your copy and I’ll rebuild for you.

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Things seem okay to me …what do you think is broken?

Try it now please

Okay, a relation we did not need was there for some reason on the inline list filter, and I think you want the “go to farm” button to disappear until Farm equals 1 again? I think we should use a different USC column for that because the farm usc is tied to a major part of your app. I am going to add a another usc to make it hide/unhide…are you okay with that?

That’s odd. I guess I just had to clear my browser cache or something. Thanks again for your help.

Can you see the changes I have made? Or i need to publish and make it available here again?

I can’t see the changes.

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Okay 1 moment pls…don’t go away