I want to make this for multiple users



I am creating an app for my interns do all the tasks they need to over a 6 month period.

So far so good. I am quite happy with the way it is coming along.

I just realised I will need to make this app for each of my interns. How can make the same app available to multiple users, and have each of their checklists and data stored?

Prabhjot Bedi

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You should be able to set up Per User Data for your app pretty easily. Take a look at this:



Thanks Jeff!

I did see this earlier too, but I am a little confused on the scope of this.

Please allow me to detail.

Each intern has to do almost 300+ tasks. The simple app I built, lets the intern see which tasks are pending across all the departments.
They can also input data in relation to those tasks.

When I start adding user based input, I am lost at how to add users to each task & each row ?


@Prabhjot_Bedi - hey :wave:t2:, welcome to the forum.

So this is a great question and I’m working on documenting more information on this at the moment.

In the mean time - you could have a look at this template and see if the principles in there could help you re-purpose it for your use case. https://www.glideapps.com/template/personal-tasks-app

In this template you have

  1. Categories
  2. Projects
  3. Tasks

But you could perhaps change the names of these to be:

  1. Department
  2. Assignees
  3. Tasks

It’s not totally simple or the right template for you - but might help in the meantime before I put out some more explanations or someone amazing comes to help you on the forum (which probably won’t be long! :wink: )

Ok, so I’m assuming you have one list of tasks, and each intern will be able to view the same list, but individually mark then completed and have individual notes for example? Does that sound right? There is a new feature in the works that should make this very easy once it’s released. It’s a new column type that will store data per signed in user. I haven’t played with it myself, but you could test it in https://staging.heyglide.com/. Again, I have not tested it so I’m not sure if it completely works yet.

I would wait for the new feature, but there is a workaround. Take a look at this thread below. It’s a very similar scenario. I have an example in https://concepts.glideapp.io that will function if you follow the directions in the last couple of posts (it’s public, so I can’t used per user data on it). It involves opening a task’s details and then submitting a form. Then using the list filters, you can hide or show completed tasks. It’s not a great solution, so that’s why I say to wait for the new column that is coming (hopefully soon).