App sharing to multiple users with their own data

How do I share a Glide app to multiple users, so they can have their own set of data?
Glide links an app to a Google Sheet. To have their own data, different users will need their own sheets. Can this be done without having me, the app creator, to copy the Google Sheet manually?

You can use one sheet and one app. If you need data to be unique for each user, then I would look into user specific columns, or designing your app with rows that are filtered to each user using filters or row owners.

I would suggest spending some time with the Glide documentation.


Thanks for the quick reply. I was thinking about something similar, or having dedicate tabs for different users. However, without knowing the number of users and who the users are would be difficult.
For an example, I make a simple homework reminder for my son and he may share with his classmates and passes on further.
The only way I can think of is to have a private account for each of them, in which I’m not interested doing so. Even if I do, I’ll need to get the users’ email addresses and it can’t be anonymous.

As far as I understand, you can not user-based “export” data individually.
I guess, Glide might be coming with this feature.

Having dedicate tabs for different users will need your manual intervention though, and won’t scale well.

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If you are going to have multiple users with data unique to each one, you will need to require sign in. Glide needs some way to know which user is which. By default Glide is set to anonymize emails on new apps if that is your concern.


Jeff Hager is right. If signing in is something you just don’t want then you can utilize a drop down menu of fake names and that can be used to refer to the rows that are unique. But bear in mind this is frowned upon because it does not secure the data to Glide’s standards.

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If Glide can use a local copy of spreadsheet or allows user to point to any specific GS, then it’ll solve the problem.

You can do that…you just need some kind of sign in so Glide knows which user to send where. Just use the google sign-in, make it easy on your users and problems are solved.

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