User data storage

Hello Glide experts,

I am building Glide app and could use some feedback on where user data is stored. For example, my app has few hundred users and my app has 10 sheets with 100 rows each. When I share my app with new user, what does glide do? Does it creates new sheets for that user and store user input data into that? I really don’t understand how data architecture works in Glide between my app sheets and user app sheets.

Can you explain what you mean by sharing your app with a new user? Do you mean you are allowing them to copy the entire app so they can modify and design how they want the app to look and work as a glide user? Or are you sharing the url for them to use your version of the app as one of the users of your app?

The app runs off one database (spreadsheet) and all users share data in that single database. If you allow your app to be copied or available in the template store, then each glide user that makes a copy will also get there own copy of the spreadsheet.

The answer depends on your definition of sharing in this case.

Thanks Jeff. My intention is to share the url with users to use my version of the app. Users are not going to be able modify my app but there are pages in my app where user can write or comment etc.

Where my confusion is (1) As number of users increases where does all the data they write and comment goes? (2) I am also wanting to build analytics on what user writes/comments… (3) I am wondering how fast will my app reach limits allowed by Glide if all data is stored in single google sheet?

I guess my skill is very preliminary and I need experts mentoring. Thank you very much for your advise and knowledge sharing.


It writes the user input data into the users row in your user profiles sheet

Thank you for reply. I guess I need to figure out how to incorporate user Profile stuff you are referring. Any example is appreciated.

Thank you