Where does the data stores first is it the glide app or google sheets?

As soon as the user login to the app, does the data comes first to the glide user profile or google sheets user profile.?

My thinking is if you have an underlying Google Sheet when you log in, Glide creates some sort of a “session” for your email (so that the login process is smooth) and writes a row to your spreadsheet at the same time. However, the problem many people face is that the row won’t be synced back to Glide until something like 30 seconds later so that row can’t be edited during that time.

Yes, and the issue I am facing now is that, I have 2 apps right now, 1 pro and 1 free, pro app has 90 live users and free has has only 1 user i.e. myself. For the free app, when i clear every data from the user profile sheet and as soon as i login the data gets immediately visible , but in the case of the pro app, when any new user enters it takes him 10-15 seconds till the data is visible. Is glide fast enough when we scale?

Can you reproduce that in a video, with both the Free App and Pro App? I doubt your user count is related,

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