New User.... takes 20 - 60 seconds to get their row in the sheet to start doing things

This is new for me - it now takes up to 60 seconds for a user, upon tapping in their pin, to be able to ‘use’ the app. I need to make sure I can write to the row, so I decided to show the ‘next’ button when the first computed column is ready to be displayed. This column is the language, with a default value too.

Unfortunately, I can see in the GS that it is taking ‘forever’ to get the user row written into Glide.

Any ideas of what I could be doing wrong (given that this app is basically the same at the front end for a couple of months now). And there is only 1K user rows in the system (and the User Profiles is a GS sheet).


Yep, from last update it behaves strangely, specifically if you have computed columns, i have data not showing up, lists not being populated on the first open, elements dissapeared

Ok, ‘good’ to know it’s not just me. That does make this a more serious issue though.

I told you, Glide is not a perfect tool yet for serious development… is still improving, but for sure is the best out there in case of how easy is to create an app.

Are you using the built-in user profile functionality, or are you pulling from app:logins? Just wasn’t clear if the google sheet is adding a row to the user profile sheet or if glide is creating the row when the user signs in.

Built in user profiles. First tab is visible of ‘no profile’. The button is hidden till the computed value appears…. Zzzz …. (It was much better just a few days ago too)

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Ok. Just wanted to make sure. Maybe there is a temporary server glitch somewhere.

I hope this one’s not back again

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yes, when visibility depends on computed columns, it takes long time to appear, it start happening like 3-4 days ago… and is affecting also components like inline lists too. I started adding refresh buttons to my App, to do some increments and dumy computing… that helps.

@George-Glide I think this is the same bug I reported

Is this also related to relations ? @Mark_Turrell

I do have a relationship column that drives lookups. But I doubt this is the issue. Watching in GS, the email data takes forever to go from App: Login to the user profile sheet.

Ok, back to my earlier question…if you are already using the built in user profile functionality, then what are you pulling out of app:logins and why?

I’m pulling nothing from App:Logins. I was comparing when data arrived in different parts of the app (GS, Glide data editor, UX for the end user)

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Ok, that’s where I’m confused. You mentioned data going from app:logins to the user profile sheet. App:logins is just a final destination log and not related to user profiles. I was confused because, prior to user profile functionality existing in glide, we used to have to create sheet formulas that would pull data from app:logins into a makeshift user profile sheet. So I wasn’t sure if you were doing something similar or using the built-in functionality.

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@Mark_Turrell just to confirm, do you see the new user row in GS but a delay before it hits GDE? Or is the other way round? Or both? Or neither!

Some stats (I have been testing)

From entering in the Pin (using GS as the User profile sheet - no lookups, etc)]

  • User row appears in GS = 24 seconds!
  • User row appears in Glide for the app = extra 13 seconds
    -----> total time for the user to put in PIN and then actually have data = 37 seconds! (not good at all)

From user allowing GPS location to be used, to Glide showing the resolved GPS location (street address with reverse geolocation script)

  • GPS coordinate arrives in GS = 24 seconds!
  • GS script runs to get address = 3 seconds :slight_smile:
  • Glide displays the address on screen in the app = 47 seconds!!!
    —> total elapsed time from GPS click to showing in the app = 1 min 14 seconds :frowning: grrrr…

@Mark and this is with the curl nudge to poke Glide into refreshing too…

@Mark_Turrell be like….




Not that this is much help for this case, but what I do now is create everything as a Glide Table, then use the “Add Row” action to create my GSheet from there. In my apps, all calcs and references for users is using the Glide Table-based User Profile table, but there is also an exact copy of that table as a GSheet. This way, everything is super snappy and there is zero lag, plus I can use the GSheet data to do other things that may take time to process.

It won’t work for every use case, but for mine it works great and the apps perform with zero hesitation or delay for computed columns.


I did think about that… but it is quite a bit of work to redo things… :frowning: