Out of interest: Where is the data pulled from

I was wondering if every time the app loads, does it pull in data directly from Google Sheets (like sending an API request each time), or is it pulled from Glide’s servers? (Like a middleman, of sorts)

I believe Glide is a middleman and has a duplicate copy of the sheet data. If anything changes in glide, then it will submit the update to google via the api. I think the process of google submitting updates to glide is a little different. Depending on the functions you have in your sheet, the data may or may not get pushed to glide, and at that, the timing is up to google’s discretion. If your app is a free app, then any data edits should trigger glide to get updated data from the sheet. If you have a pro app and background refresh turned on, then glide will check for any sheet updates periodically. But basically to answer your questions, the data is synced between glide and google.

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