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My app’s URL:

My app isn’t updating with the current data. I have to reload the sheet. Is there a way

Can you tell us more? What is changing in your sheet and what do you expect to happen in the app?

I update my sheet from google fourms. The app is supposed to show the entries in the sheet. But, the app doesn’t show any new entries till I manually reload the sheet.

The next time this happens, please don’t manually reload the spreadsheet, but send me a message here and I’ll see what’s going on. Unless the reload is urgent, of course.

How long are you waiting? It could take a few minutes for an update to come across.


I just d


I just did it and the app didn’t update till I reloaded the sheet.

Would you be available sometime this week to help with this issue?


Hi @madrasa_quran, I am not from the Glide team but I had a look at your app. There is not edit through your app, it’s only about data visualisation.

How to you update data? Directly in the Google sheet? You should try to add an editable component in your app, and see what happened, if the data are refreshed automatically.