Can my users manually reload sheet data within Glide apps, like I can do in the builder?

My GlideApp changes the sheet. Sheet changes another sheet by Google Apps Script (GAS). GlideApp sees another sheet but doesn’t update. It is updated by the reload sheet.

How reload sheet from app?

Glide needs to be notified by Google that the sheet changed. This can take a few seconds to minutes and is entirely dependent on Google sending the update to glide. I don’t know a great way around this other than to wait.

hi, I am having the same problem.
Despite the google sheet has changed, the glide app does not. I must reload manually and inly then gets refreshed. I dont know how many minutes it takes but it is definitely several minutes and this is very bad for my application…

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I’ve inquired about this too. If the app has been installed on a phone, it requires a force quit and reopening to show new changes.

I have closed it and reopened and still nothing refreshed, only when I click on the refresh button in the app builder. I dont understand why there isnt a refresh button so that users can update their content? Closing and opening an app seems seems too… unprofessional.
Its been several minutes and still nothing, im very concerned about this.

Is glideapp then not suitable for chatting or instant communications or instant updates? I saw there is a chat function, how would it work?

The built in chat is handled by glide internally, so there is no delay and doesn’t involve the sheet. What @Robert_Petitto is referring to is design and layout changes. They will eventually migrate to the app, but usually a force close and reopen will update the interface. As for any data only changes, they will flow through back and forth without requiring you to close and reopen the app.

What kind of things are changing in your sheet that takes awhile for it to show in the app? If the user’s are changing data within the app, then it should show up for all other users almost instantly. If there is some sort of formulas or scripting happening on your sheet, then it can be delayed up to a few a minutes. Glide will attempt to sync it’s internal database to google sheets if you are changing data within the app, but if your formulas or scripts take to long, then glides pull of data might miss it’s chance. From there Glide waits for Google to send data to Glide. Google doesn’t always do this instantly. It’s the price you pay for free.

My only suggestion is to either build as many formulas or calculations into the Glide data tab as you can, or go pro and turn on background refresh.

If you can set up your app to allow glide to do as much as possible without having to manully update the sheet or run formulas/scripts in the sheet, then you shouldn’t have to worry about any delays.


can you please elaborate on the following:

My only suggestion is to either build as many formulas or calculations into the Glide data tab as you can, or go pro and turn on background refresh.

Regarding the Background Refresh. Pro accounts have the option to grab updates from the sheet every 3 or 4 minutes. So if you have a script or something that makes a change in the sheet and the sheet doesn’t send the update to Glide, then the background refresh will actually go out to the sheet periodically to check for updates.

As for formulas and calculations, Glide gives you a handful of options to create internal glide columns that will perform If/Then compares, or basic math calculations. If you spend enough time and creativity with it, you can replace several formulas that you may have in your sheet.

Sadly, since weeks now I observe the background refresh totally failing to retrieve the changes :frowning: It made my app unusable for my users.

In case anyone else stumbles upon this thread, I believe I found a scenario that breaks the background refresh. Glide states that free apps can’t store the spreadsheet in a Shared Drive, but there isn’t anything that technically limits you from putting it there, unless it hasn’t been published yet. I accidentally moved the sheet into a Shared Drive and noticed the background refresh wasn’t working unless I manually updated it from the builder. Once I moved the sheet into my personal Drive, the issue went away.


Regarding refresh with PRO account: it works ok for updated formula or data, but still if change something in the app design, it requires, as Robert said in the past, a force quit and reopening to show the new changes. Users can stay for days with the app opened in background. Is any way now to force the update on users side? Very often they even don’t know how to completely quit the app running on their phones…

App design refresh rate is 10 minutes last I heard.


Thanks. Problem is that data are refreshed regularly, but small modification in the app design (such as a new component in a tab, even a new separator) is not refreshed in the users smartphones. I have users that keep the app open and it is never refreshed, unless they completely force quit and restart. I am using a Pro account. You can try easily. Do you know any solution on that?

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I would like to know if anybody has the same problem. Users with the app in Home Page don’t have refresh fo design modification. Even if I add a simple separator component, this is never refreshed until they shut down the App and re-open it. Data are refreshed regularly. App is a Pro version of Glide, using both internal and external (Google sheet) tables.

Yes. This happens to all. You need to quit and open again. It depends also on where you (or the users) are located. It occurs that you need much more time than 10 minutes.

Thanks. We are in Italy, and anyway the normal update is ok (around 10 min). But how can you notify to all users to shut down and reopen the app? I think that this problem and the impossibility to have a “staging environment” where change the app and lunch it to live are 2 main and important issues of Glide.

I agree. You may need to open a ticket for that.

You can turn off auto publish and work on your app without it pushing any updates. Then you could manually publish/ update when you are satisfied with your changes.


Hola @PieroPec

If you have a Pro plan, your data should be refreshed every 3-4 min automatically. Here I show you my APP to monitor in real- time data from 3 devices (a simulation generated by my laptop) and as you can see, my readings are carried out about 3 min: 12:40, 12:43 and 12:46 pm

you can test and see it for yourself here:


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Hi, gvalero, thanks for your reply. We have absolutely no problems with data refresh, that are very fast, especially when done on Glide tables. Problem is when you do a slight modification in the design. As I said: if you add for example a very simple component (such a separator) it will be never refreshed and updated on users app. They have to kill the App and restart it. Try! This is a painful problem because you cannot fix small bugs in the design when you are live with many users. You need to tell them (I use now a notification that invite users to update, but of course it is not a nice solution! You can do it with major issues, as all does (Windows teach!), but you cannot do it with minor things. And when you are running a very new app, this can happen… Ciao!