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I have an app that i feed data through a query ( =QUERY(IMPORTRANGE(“https://”,“Respuestas de formulario 1!A:AP”),“where Col2=‘xxxxxx’”) ) From a sheet that is connected through a Google Forms. I finally have setup everything exactly like i wanted and ready to start using but I find that the new rows do not load automatically to my glide app I have to manually open the glideapps web page and press the reload button to have the information updated. Will this be something I always have to do or am I missing somesort of setup so that it loads automatically.

I already setup my two sheets to calculate if there are changes and every minute from reading another post but still no luck. Someone please help me.

This is my app

Glide gets notifications from Google when humans make changes to Google sheets. Glide does not get notifications from Google when scripts or import formulas like the one you’re using change the spreadsheet. We have a feature for Pro apps which causes your sheet to be reloaded every few minutes to work around this limitation.

To reiterate, Google doesn’t tell Glide that your sheet has changed when using this formula.

So only by upgrading to pro this can be optimized

That’s right.

Thanks for responding to this thread!

We are trying to make a real-time app. If a new “human” data entry is made, to be reflected immediately (less than 20 seconds). It’s basically like a draft style app, and people have to make quick decisions based on the data input that has been edited real-time.

Currently using Sheets to display this; not sure via Pro it is possible that the reloading or data is reflected that quick in the app.


The only way to have instant data calculated and displayed is to do all your calculations within Glide rather than formulas within the sheet.

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Thanks Robert! Will look into it.

I would add that if data is edited or added in the Glide app then it is written to the Google Sheet within a few seconds. After it is written the sheet is polled by Glide and any changes are pull back to the app. So your 20 second requirement would be met. The only exception to this would be if some of the functions in your sheet are custom functions that take a significant time to complete. The result of these may miss the window between the writing of the updated data being sent by Glide and the pole that happens right after the write is completed. Yes do as much as you can within the Glide Math column or other Glide Column types but if something is missing all is not lost, you can get good results using sheet formulas.

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