Refresh glide

Hi. I have been using glide for sometime now and great community and expert support. Over the past week or so for some reason, the same sheet which was being refreshed automatically into glide is not doing so as often as it should - I am a pro app - and then I have to close the app builder and re-open again which is hectic.

Any reason for that lately or how can that be solved?


Do you have a very large Sheet? How many rows do you connect to Glide? Do you have a lot of formulas/scripts?

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Total rows connected to glide around 9500 rows and yes there are a lot of formulas in the sheet however that same number and amount of scripts was doing perfectly fine just 2 weeks before

I don’t know what caused the refresh problem, but if you can move any logic to Glide to help with the loading time, please do it. Let us know if you need help doing so.

Okay however if I do the calculation in glide, will that reflect the result in the sheet? (because I need the sheet for reference as many people look at it and use it)

Do they only look at it, or do they also edit data in the sheet?
If they edit, then it could be that Glide and the Google Spreadsheet are getting out of sync.
What happens if you refresh the sheet from the builder?
Does it refresh cleanly? Do you get any errors?

As a general rule of thumb, I don’t let my users get anywhere near the Google Sheets that drive my apps. That would defeat the purpose of having a Glide App. If there is data they can’t see and/or edit via the app, that just means that the app needs more work.