Glide not syncing to changes in google sheets

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Glide isn’t updating after my google sheet changes.

When it was working yesterday, it would take about 15-20 seconds for Glide to catch up and display the filter formula result as a glide chart, but now I’ve been waiting for half an hour and Glide doesn’t update. The only way is to reload sheet.

The sequence is the user updates the Month-Year in the Dashboard tab choice field, that sets the criteria for the filter formula, then the filter results are shown in the Glide chart.

Any ideas???

How long does it take for the formula to run? Do have the background refresh option enabled? (

Is it possible that it seemed to work before because there was other data changing in the app at the same time to cause syncing to happen?

Curious why you are using sheet formulas in this case instead of built in Glide functionality.

The formula takes 4 seconds to run. I have the sheet’s calculation settings to “on change and every minute”, and glide syncing is set to “on edit” because its the free version. Its not possible other changes were happening in the app because there are only two users and the other person wasn’t using it when I was testing. I’m using sheet formulas and not Glide functionality because some of my sheets will go over the 25,000 rows so I can’t reference those sheets with Glide.

Should I try making it pro to see if that resolves it? I’m just confused why it was working before?

That all seems reasonable. I’m not entirely sure how it works when data changes and sheet formulas run. I don’t know if it’s glide triggering a sync moments after it updated the sheet, or if it’s Google sending the update to glide. I know there are certain formulas that google will not send to glide, and that is the reason for the background refresh option. Not sure if that would be the case with filter formulas though. The background refresh could still take up to a few minutes to resync.

Do you notice a difference if you have the sheet open or closed?