Issue with Delayed Syncing of Calculated Data from Google Sheets to Glide Tables

"Hi Glide community! I’m facing an issue with data syncing from Google Sheets to Glide Tables. It seems that cells with calculation formulas in Google Sheets, which provide dynamic data, are not syncing in real-time with my Glide app. Instead, I noticed that the calculated data sometimes appears in Glide after a delay, around an hour or so.

Is there a specific reason why calculated data might not sync immediately to Glide Tables? Could you please help me understand how Glide treats calculated data and if there are any optimization measures in place that could cause this delay? I’m curious to know if there are workarounds or best practices to ensure more real-time syncing of calculated data.

Any insights or suggestions on how to handle syncing cells with calculation formulas between Google Sheets and Glide Tables would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!"

If your calculations take a long time to run, then Glide may miss the opportunity to sync them timely.

You can turn on Extra Syncs which will sync with the google sheet more often, but it will use more sync updates.

I see that you are doing things with stocks. Are you using Google Finance formulas? Can at least some of your logic be moved to Glide?