Speed optimization of the app

As per the previous suggestions i have moved my formulas from the google sheets to the glide app, but despite that my speed is not improved. It takes 15-20 seconds to update the values and i am using pro version of the glide app.

Can you provide more information, please?

Can you attach a video of the problem you mention? Do you still have any formulas left in the Sheet? What computed columns are you using?

@Darren_Murphy and @ThinhDinh, i am the employee of the startup and before releasing any app information i just want to take concern from my cou-founders, it 7 am right now in india and we start office by 9-10 am mostly. Before that i want to give a little information about the issues. we are calculating the salaries of the employees today and we are predicting it for 3 years or so. we take 2 inputs and compute it in gs, then the computation is used to plot the analytics such as graph for the 3 years. We have been facing this issue since 7-8 months, as per the previous suggestions we tried moving formulas to the glide table but some of the formulas cannot be implemented in glide table resulting in inflexibility and not feasible and causing whole logic to change. What is the best possible solution to the above problem?

@Mark, @david could you please help us out, we are facing this issues since past few months.

So that’s most likely the source of the delay. If you are doing calculations in the Google Sheet and waiting for results there will always be a delay. There is no getting away from that.

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but we are unable to transfer the logic i gs to the glide table and Adding any kind of computed column on Glide table does not add a column to Google Sheets. (does not sync the logic)**

do you have any solutions to the problem?

Is this because you have determined that it is not possible? Or have you just not figured how?

Maybe you could experiment with the Google Sheets API, or perhaps look at a custom code solution. One thing is for certain, if you want to improve the speed then you cannot be dependant on data sync between Glide and Google Sheets.

suppose if i transfer all my data to glide table somehow, will i able to calculate graphs and plot it in the app

Any calculations in Google Sheets can take up to 3 minutes to sync. This is in our documentation, and explained many times. Put the calculations in Glide to make them faster. If you also need the calculations in the Google Sheet, you will also need to create them there, because Glide does not send the results of calculations to Google–they are just computed in the app and not stored anywhere.

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