Updating Output takes a lot of time

Whenever we are entering any input in the app, it takes a lot of time to update the google sheets and then the Glide Tables, is there any workaround for the same?

Please help if anybody has any solution.
Thanks in advance.

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How many rows of data do you have? What are you trying to update? Is it a formula that can be moved to Google Sheets to Glide Tables?

We are having Google sheets for the back calculation and the glide tables for updating the output which would be synced with the app.

Is there any way to speed the process up taking into consideration the complex calculations that we have on the Google sheets?

Hi @Yugant_Nayak

Since the calculations are happening on the google sheets, the sync can take up to 3 minutes. Unfortunately, this is the behavior since this is govern by Google API.

You could add an extra step in your app that sends something to the google sheets and forces Glide to sync faster.

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