How to improvize speed

Link to videos

In this folder I have shared two videos:

  1. Video where I have recorded live app screen so we can see how much time it is taking to reflect update/output in live app, after making edits in App. It is takin around 32 second here
  2. Video where I have recorded the glide database sheet and there for the same user, when I change the value, it is taking 20 second for values to get updated in App
    I am wondering since input edits in app reflect real time in Glide DB, why is there a 12 second difference between these two results and how can we optimize it? Sshifting logic to glide tables is not currently fesaible

Firstly I’m not entirely sure what is the difference just inside the builder about editing a value on the screen and in the table view.

Since you’re relying on a Sheet calculation here, the update back to Glide is a must and you can’t do anything to improve the speed.

May we know why you don’t shift your logic to Glide Tables to improve this? Or just have a column in the Sheet doing the work that you need in the Sheet, while in the app you use a calculated column?


Indeed. I see people insisting all the time that their calculations must be done in Google Sheets because they are too complex to be done in Glide. In 9/10 cases, they are mistaken.

@sachin_jangir the single biggest thing you can do to improve performance is to move all spreadsheet formulas to Glide computed columns. The benefits almost always outweigh the effort involved.


I’m just shared this again since most of it was covered already.

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Here are examples of a basic app and a more complex app that has all logic within glide. You can see how responsive the calculation are when you don’t rely on a google sheet to do the math.

It would help us to understand if there was a particular reason that the logic had to stay in the google sheet, or why it can’t be moved to glide, but from the looks of things, it seems like you are doing basic addition math across 4 values, where 2 of the values are editable in the app. Like @ThinhDinh mentioned, if you really needed to retain that logic in the sheet for some reason, then you can still have duplicated logic in glide and in the sheet. Let the sheet perform it’s calculation whenever it can, but duplicate the logic in glide so that you can have that math performed instantly and displayed within the app without any delay. The app would only display the glide math column value, and the sheet would only display the formula column value.