Synchronization issue between spreadsheet and Table glide


Since yesterday afternoon the synchronization between my google spreadsheet and the glide table doesn’t work anymore…I have a lot of data coming (around 5000 rows yet and it is growing up around 500 lines per week ) from a form with a lot of formulas connected. My app is a Physical Education App Pro where each student put data at every classes inside.

I know I created something a little too big with too many rows, column and formulas so my spreadsheet became very slow. Due to that I decided to delete some data and formula to speed up my app and I also convert formula value to real static values…however the glide table is still not connected to my spreadsheet.

Basically My app add data to the glide table but the data doesn’t synchronize to the google spreadsheet. As the formulas are inside the google spreadsheet by app is no running any new data.

Thank you for your help or advice to manage this situation but also how to deal with two many rows and formulas. What is for instance the limit of calculation or the “good practice/ratio” formula, rows, column…

Hi @Joseph_Leblanc

You might have initially built your app from a Google Sheet before Glide Tables was available. Today however, would you consider moving your data from Google Sheets to Glide Tables?

2 reasons:

  1. When data is stored in a GT, there is less syncing back and forth with GS servers.
  2. When calculations happen in computed columns in GT – rather than formulas in GS – computation happens on the user’s device directly whereas there can be lag when formulas process in GS.

@Krivo shared a topic on how to transfer a lot of data from GS to GT.

The “Find uses” feature in the column dropdown in the Glide Data Editor is useful to determine when your GS are not used anymore.