The app is not syncronizing


We are using this app from 3 months and suddenly (from two days) is not synchronizing.
Are there any issues from glide in the last 2 days?
All our production is running on glide so it is pretty bad.
Please someone that can help.

Do you mean the data does not sync anymore?

Hello I tryedto synk the tables but is is giving me this message:

Oh sheet!

Glide could not reload the sheet.

Did you make any huge changes to your sheet recently? (Deleting/Adding columns etc)

non that I’m aware. Is there a way to see if are missing some links?


the file had 20000 lines, I cancelled most of them and I can synchronize the table but at the moment the app can read but cannot write.
Have you got nay idea?

What do you mean “cancelled”? Did you delete them?

Probably the file was too large or maybe there are too many computed columns to handle.

Please consider submitting a ticket here.

Thanks, I just asked for help. Thnaks for th elink I was not aware of that.

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I only have 106 lines in my sheet. My events have been changing like crazy with COVID-Delta, I might have gone over my free limit. The place I used to look for that has changed. Can anyone tell me where that is now?

Check here. You may be ok with your row count, but you may have gone over your allotted sheet edits. If you use Glide Tables instead of google sheets, then you wouldn’t have to worry about sheet edits.


Found it. no i’m at 67/1000 sheet edits. image

Alas, that’s not it. 67/1000. Thanks for showing me where to find it.

I finally figured out that I had copied in a column that had data in the wrong format. (I have to run a macro to get the dates in a glide friendly format). I ran the wrong macro on the sheet and copied in the unacceptable data. When I slowed down and really looked, I was able to fix it. Once before I had inadvertently copied over my first row with different names and that also had caused the app to stop synchronizing.


For myself, I find that the syncronization sometimes just stops arbitrarily (new features/data don’t appear). Often I have to kill and open again the app (or 2-3 times) to get the latest updates.
I wish this feature was more reliable in Glide…

For me it looks like that when I add 500 rows or 1000 rows just to extend the google spreadsheet glide is not able to synchronize (it is crashing).

Out of curiosity, why are you extending the Google sheet? Glide will automatically create new rows in a google sheet as needed.

Hello Jeff,

Because I have formulas and formatting. It is very important for me.

Got it. If you use arrayformulas, then formulas are applied to new rows automatically. I’m also aware that formatting can get tricky when new sheet rows are added. Not sure why, but sometimes formatting is lost when a new row is generated.

Unless you have a specific need for formulas or formatting within a google sheet, I tend to do as much of that as possible within glide instead. Doing it in glide removes any delay in waiting for data to sync to the sheet, update, and sync back to the app. Instead it happens instantly and makes your app appear much faster.