Glide stopped synching with Google Sheet

My app has stopped automatically synching with glide table.

Previously this occurred automatically every time a new row was added to the google sheet which is done using a jotform form.

Now I have to manually synch to update the glide table.

I added 3 columns to the google sheet recently. They all appear in the glide table correctly.

Is there a synch setting that has perhaps been reset?

Is this a Classic app or a new app?

Not sure. Created it 2 years ago so probably Classic


Gary Bigelow

This problem seems to have resolved now. I found some blank rows in the Google Sheet. These were caused because I turned on the ability to delete items in the Glide app. I then recalled the blank rows create issues. I fixed this by adding data to the first column of each blank row and now the sync happens within a few minutes as previously. Sorry to bother everyone.

were you able to solve it? The same thing happens to me and I don’t know what to do

See my additional comment. You can’t use the delete function if you connect to a Google Sheet only if you just use a glide table

I don’t understand where the delete function is activated or deactivated.

where is the delete function?

Seems the delete row isn’t the issue with auto sync stopping. I just discovered this morning my sheet is not auto synching with glide table yet again.

I am on a Free Legacy plan.

Should I delete the glide deleted rows from the google sheet perhaps? Or will that just cause another issue?

@NoCodeAndy Does this warrant a DM of the team ID to you or DJP?

Yep, thought we can post it in the thread too!

@gbigelowtutordoctor - What’s your Team ID and App ID?

Your Team ID is in the URL of your Glide dashboard, e.g.

Your App ID is in the URL of the Glide builder, e.g.

Team id = 5XazAwaqvcu1kQbkPtap
App Id = SdVEtj3FjPNJcw9jgyoC

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OK. Now this app is also experiencing the same problem. No changes to the google sheet whatsoever. Just started today with the last row added.

It is 1 hour since the new row added and it hasn’t synched with the glide table.

AppID = 6MtkMVGzWnd91Uzpi7BH/layout

Sounds to me like there is a problem with the glide sync engine for Classic users.

Small correction. I just recalled I added a column of data to the sheet Data Lookup.

It’s the Clients sheet that has stopped synching.

Interestingly the Data Lookup sheet did sync automatically with the glide table. Hmmmmm!

Hi all
I reported this issue to Support but have had no acknowledgement of the issue. Is this normal?

They created the general post to collect everyone with this same issue here :point_right: Google Sheets stopped syncing? Let us know!

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Miraculously synching has recommenced today and occurs with minutes of a new row being added. No response from support but guessing they fixed something in background. Do do do do!