Glide sheet not synching/updating

My app has stopped updating, when we add records they appear for a couple of minutes and then disappear. When I go to the tables I am not seeing them there BUT when I go to google sheets I am seeing them there.

I am seeing this
I have tried to log out and back in but it is still there.

adding support link

seems like the issue started about 7 hours ago. there used to be a resync ability on the glide sheet, it doesn’t seem to be there anymore

It’s in the Data Editor now, bottom left of screen.

From your earlier screen shot, it does look like you have a sync issue. A manual sync might resolve that, or at least give you more information about what’s wrong.

Thanks Darren.

By clicking on the explanation back it told me that it could not sync because I was referencing a column that no longer existed. I deleted the references and it started to work.

It was a text field that I deleted in GoogleSheets, normally it would sync.

Thanks on pointing out the location of the sync in the bottom left, I was missing that :slight_smile:

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