Data sync

Hey Gliders. I’m having issues with data sync, I type something on my Google sheet but it doesn’t show on Glide Editor Sheet even after refreshing ( only with a few cells). If I delete, renter the info and refresh, the data shows again, but if I close the app and the go back to it it’s gone again. Anybody having a similar issue?

Thanks in advance!!

Can you have a video of the bug in action for us? Thank you.

Yep! - seeing a similar thing…

GS vs Glide side-by-side, I’ve highlighted the missing values see below…

@Mark FYI just incase the team is not aware.

just to further highlight the bug, newly created items are not synced back to the sheet.

not syncing:

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What if you scroll all the way down to the end of your Google sheet?

they weren’t there - I deleted all entries, recreated them again and it appears to be syncing again.

Apparently got fixed on its own, it’s back to normal! Thanks for the help anyway!!!