Sheet Sync Issue

I have sheet with 10 tables and
two tables have around 700 rows, both these table seems to have problem syncing to Glide tables,

As you can see the row id is not written back to sheet(sample from one table). How to address these kind of sync issues?


  1. i searched earlier sync issues here and all of them seem to throw some sort of error, but here i dont see any error in glide UI .
  2. I am still on free version, would upgrading to paid version fix this? I am not ready for launch , so trying to get as much data loaded as possible , before paying for a paid plan. I am betting on glide for my app MVP.

Looking for some advise.


I assume the glide data editor shows the row id? Does anything happen when you press the reload button in the editor?

Well, maybe your problem is caused by those 700 rows!

A free Glide App has a limit of 500 rows and beyond it, the data isn’t loaded to your APP properly.


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No, Glide tables does not have the data at all. Around 100 rows from the sheet do not appear in Glide table . If i click on the resync icon next to filename at the left bottom part of the page, it tries to sync and ends, no error shown at all.

@gvalero has a good point about exceeding the row limit of free apps. Off the top of my head, I’m not sure if that prevents data coming in from the sheet, or just prevents the app from using the additional data. If you modify any of your existing data that does already have a Row ID, does that change sync across?

Row ids are not shared between glide apps - even based on the same GT table. NOR are they even visible.

If I need to share data between apps, I use set columns in a button to make sure the data is available :slight_smile:

RowIDs are the same when sharing Glide tables !!!

Nope, just tried editing two rows, waited for 5 minutes, went to glide table and tried to resync.
Edits in the sheet appeared in Glide table, but did not pull the missing data.

Since you’ve proven that data is still syncing, then I’m guessing the missing data is due to you exceeding the 500 row limit.

Makes sense, only exception is it synced 599 rows, if you add header row also, it synced 600 rows. So a 20% buffer offered. So looks like i have to upgrade even before I am ready to launch!

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Yeah, a buffer might make sense as to what’s happening.

You could always have just a sampling of data in your sheets until it’s ready to upgrade. Offload the additional data into another unused sheet tab until you are ready, then you can copy and paste it back into you main sheet tab.

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