Excel sync issue (only one way?)

Hi everyone!

I am experiencing some strange Excel syncing issues with my app. Does anyone recognize this?
If I make changes in the excel sheet and manually synchronize the sheet inside the data editor, the changes are showing in the app as per normal (and stay). But when a new row is added via the app (published app or from editor) or a column/cell is altered, these changes stay inside the editor/app for a few minutes and then they are gone and never reach the connected Excel sheet. Even more surprising is that some info on basic columns (e.g. inside the user table) is visible inside the editor but not in the excel sheet (even days after the change was made). It seems like a sync bug, but I wanted to check in with you to see if there could be another reason for such strange (and inconsistent) issue.
Any advice is appreciated!

I would suggest submitting a ticket.

I am experiencing the same issue with excel not syncing with the glide table. I have about 870 rows and each time the sync happens glide table is only displaying 10 rows and sometime 60. This looks like an issue with the sync feature. Any work around or when to expect a resolution as I am due to release my app to the department very soon.

Follow @ThinhDinh’s link above to submit a support ticket. This has been an issue since the inception of the Excel feature, but as far as I know, I am the only one who has submitted a support ticket on it, and I have never heard back from support about a resolution (obv. there has not been one). The more people that submit support tickets, the more data Glide will have to look into the cause and a possible resolution. I was told in one thread that perhaps the fault is in the API Glide uses to communicate with Excel, in which case they’d be unable to resolve it. That is why I have not implemented Excel in any projects, and will not unless this is resolved. Too much potential for data loss!

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Thanks for the update. How long has the Excel feature been around? As you have suggested, I have raised a support ticket. For me, Excel is key as I am using Microsoft’s Power Platform.

It’s been a year or so, I believe. It is key to me as well, and has caused me to abandon two different projects that would have relied on Excel. The other kicker for me was that duplicating an App that uses Excel causes the data tables to be turned into Glide tables (in the duplicated App), without any option.

The issue was that I was not on the team pro license and therefore when I was developing apps it was basing it on ‘free’ tier where glide would only ingest a maximum of 500 rows. I have now moved subscription to the appropriate license and glide is reading in all the rows from Excel.

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