Excel Data Disappears

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Describe the bug:
After entering data using my app into Excel, the data shows in my app, but not in Excel. If I exit the app and go back in, the data is gone in Glide, but the Row ID is there in Excel.

Expected Behaviour:
The data should sync to Excel and stay in the app.

How to replicate:
Enter some data under “circuits” – a three-column table in a one-tab Excel spreadsheet, where only one column is required besides the Row ID.


During the beta phase of Excel, I had an app where I spent the afternoon entering about 150 rows in an excel spreadsheet which was attached to an app. About half the rows ended up with columns of missing data (the rows were still there).

I submitted that, but Glide’s tech team was unable to find anything conclusive.

Since this test app and table is so simple, and it can be reproduced at will, hopefully it will provide a better example of what is going on with Excel.

I just copied the app to a new app, and of course Glide converted the Excel Table to a Glide Table. That was expected. I tried the same thing using the new app and the data stays in place (also expected).

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I have experienced the same in my app. Did you come up with any solution to the problem?

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No unfortunately this has not been Addressed. I have not seen a resolution to the problem. I have seen several people report similar issues. Not sure if they know what’s going on

Since the last time we talked about this issue, it happened once again to me and we have to connect the table again. I’m not sure if they deployed a fix or not but it has been stable for the last 2 weeks.

Well it is easy to reproduce so I’ll try again tomorrow. I really do need the excel to work.

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