"Data source" no longer linked to excel spreadsheet

Hi, please help. I had an APP that was linked to an excel spreadsheet but for some reason is not connected the the spreadsheet anymore.

In the data editor, all the tables have turned black (glide tables?) and are not green anymore. The spreadsheet is no longer updated with data entered via the APP.

I had two data sources connected in the editor. One from Excel and another from Google Sheets. Google Sheets is still fine but the excel sheet isn’t visible on the editor.

Anyone know what the issue is, or how I can reconnect the excel spreadsheet? Many thanks

Yes, when you have an Excel sheet connected, if you duplicate the app, it converts all the tables to Glide tables. This is expected behavior, although it is counterintuitive because that’s not how Glide deals with Google Sheets.

It may also do this if you transfer the app to another team, but I have not tried to test that.

Thanks for the response. This APP is not a duplicate, and had also been working well for over 6 months. …but now it seems all of a sudden, the tables have been converted to Glide tables.

I have also not transferred it to another team.

I would submit a support ticket.

I did have this issue just weeks ago and seems like it happened again yesterday. The Excel icon turned into a Glide Table icon, that’s how I knew it happened (plus some crashing inside Glide).

I had to tell my client to reconnect his Excel file and luckily I did not have too many calculated columns in there, but I can imagine how this would be a huge problem for other people.

Here’s the link to submit a ticket: Form

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