Question about Glide and One drive

Guys, about 10 months ago, I was creating an app where the data source was an excel file on my OneDrive. I paused development and in the meantime made changes to the domain of my onedrive account (share point) where this excel file was. One fine day, when I decided to continue developing the app, my excel tables had turned into native glide tables, similar to what happens today when we delete a table from the excel file and that same table becomes a native glide table.

today I have 3 applications created in 2 months that are already in a production environment, the data source is excel in my onedrive.

What happens if my glide fails to sync with this excel? Will I have time to check the reason and correct it before the worst happens? These applications need excel to work properly, I can’t make the same mistake as before.

Hey @Hobe - can you provide a support link?

Reference: 🆘 Support Links

This problem that happened to me, it’s been 10 months, at the time I wasn’t a user here in the community. I looked for answers on YouTube and they suggested opening a support ticket, but I didn’t even know where to start and I ended up giving up on the project. Today I realize that the problem could only have been caused by the change of domain I made on my OneDrive account. because the app lost synchrony with excel and turned all tables in the development environment into native tables.

That said, today I’m back to developing on glide and I’m very satisfied, my only fear is making a mistake again and having the same problem as in the past. I just wanted to know in what other situation my glide would lose this synchrony with excel and if I would have enough time to identify the problem and solve it.
example: change onedrive business password i used to sync glide to excel file? I just want to prevent myself.

Gotcha. :slight_smile:

Based on your comment re: “I made changes to the domain”, that may have resulted in the connection credentials being revoked → the data being turned into Glide Tables.

In other words, I think your assumption is correct. Changing the Microsoft account broke the connection. In which case, you should be safe, so long as you don’t make a change like that again. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So if I change my microsoft user password, maybe my credentials here on glide will be affected too and the same thing will happen? or will i get some sort of prompt and be able to update the credentials by entering the updated password? I know that using excel as a data source is less common here, but the same example can be asked about google tables, if a user changes google password, what happens to their data source and glide?

What I feared happened, even without any change in my Microsoft account, one of my applications dawned with all the excel tables, transformed into glide tables. complicated, I’ll open a ticket.

Here’s a support link, while I research here in the documentation, how to open a ticket.