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I recently joined a team, were I have to have access to all Glide Apps that a coworker who recently left had build. For my onboarding, My team managed to update the Google Workspace account from my former coworker to my job email, giving me access to all his emails, files and integrations with other tools, like Glide and such.
Since then, ALL the Glideapps that use Google Sheets files from my account (again, same account as former coworker) have stopped updating, and when trying to synchronize the app with the file, an Error:1035 appears.
The first time we identified this issue, we solved it by sharing editor permissions for the file to both my current email and the email from my former coworker, but this does not solve the issue anymore.
Please help me identify the problem and giving me the proper solution to this or instructions of how to manage it.
Manually exporting to Glide tables is a no-go, as there are too many apps with this issue.

Any thoughts?

Try making a copy of the connected Google Sheet in your Google account, and then replace the Data Source in Glide with the copy you just made.

Thanks Darren!

Question. If I do this, is it possible that all the screens that use Google Sheets tables as source will break? My biggest concern is that even the apps’ User tables are set to tables in Google Sheets.

No, they shouldn’t - as long as you use an exact copy of the Google Sheet. The most important thing is that you don’t add/edit/remove any of the columns.

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