Data not syncing from Glide app to Google Sheet and vice versa

Adding/updating any records in the glide app (both from the app and from the data view) is not reflecting on the google sheet. The same issue occurred vice versa as well; update to the google sheet directly aren’t reflecting within the Glide app.

I’m on a pro app with sufficient credits for updates.

I haven’t changed anything and this issue has suddenly cropped up about 2 days ago.

Is this a known issue? Anything I should be trying?

I’ve had a similar issue a few weeks ago. I was advised to copy my GoogleSheet table and to replace it as my data source. It resolved the issue and have had no trouble since. Maybe you could try it. Doesn’t take long to do it.


Thanks for your reply.

Do you mean duplicate the Google Sheet and replace the data source in Glide to the new sheet?

Would this require me to redo all the links to fields by any chance? (I sincerely hope not! :slight_smile: )

No, as long as the replacement Spreadsheet is identical to the original, it should be fine.
But it would still be a very good idea to make a duplicate of your app first. In fact, I would try that before replacing the sheet. Duplicate the app and check if the duplicate is able to sync. If it is, you can use the duplicated app.


Yes. That’s it. As long as you don’t change your column names (headers), every relation will stay as it was.


Perfect. Thanks so much. Seems to be working now :slight_smile:

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