App Not Updating Google Sheet

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Describe the bug:
Updating cells in our app is currently not updating the sheet the app runs on. Our users can update rows, use the forms, everything as normal, and on the app I can see things updating and displaying. But on the sheet nothing is happening, and then after a while on the app, every change made resets itself.

Expected Behaviour:
Expected behaviour is that the app can update the Google Sheet it runs from

How to replicate:
Hard to get a fast replication, as everything appears normal when you make a change. It takes a while to reset, and I haven’t figured out if there’s a set amount of time before things disappear

Again, hard to record an issue I don’t understand yet. It seems as if the app and the sheet have desynced or won’t speak to each other

What happens when you click on the sheet reload button?


So to test this, I made a new row using a form. Instead of the customer’s name appearing in the calendar list, it just says “Event”. The postcode on the Description line appears normally. I then refreshed the sheet, as you suggested. This took over a minute, and then nothing happened. The new row was still in the app, but did not appear on the sheet. I refreshed the webpage, and when the editor reloaded, the new row was gone.

I would suggest duplicating your app, both by keeping the same sheet and by making a copy of the sheet. Then see if the duplicate apps have the same problem. I’ve seen similar reports in the past and duplicating the app has fixed the issue.

Regardless, if you still feel there is a problem, you may want to submit your bug to Glide support.

I’ve submitted a ticket and I’ve had a reply. They got me to make a recording through a browser called Replay and I’ve sent it off for inspection.

My issue with that is that we have dozens of webhooks and automations running to and from the sheet and the app. I’m worried that replacing one or both of them would break those as well.

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I only suggested duplicating the app as a diagnostic method to just see what happens.

I understand your concern with duplicating the app. I only suggested it because sometimes it gets an app out of it’s funk. If data isn’t saving to the sheet, then it really doesn’t matter if there are other webhooks and automations. :wink:

Hopefully glide can find the issue and get it fixed.

This is true, and you’re right. I’ve been trying to get this working for eight hours so apologies if I was a bit stiff. I’ll try that tomorrow morning and then at least we’ll be a bit further foward.

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What was the outcome/fix to this. I am seeing the exact issue. Google Sheet is not being updated and then changes made in Glide are reset after a while

If you can reproduce it in a video, please submit it to the support team for further debugging.

HI ThinDinh,

Already did that and it was resolved. Not sure what caused it.


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Good that it’s ok now. Let us know if there are any further problems.

I have the same issue with airtable. The user can’t send the user mail of an item when they create one. As the user mail is the row owner they can’t see what they just published. And happens teh same with the webhook buttons.