Connecting glideapp form with googlesheet

My app’s URL:

Just a funny issue.

  1. Created a form using a button.
  2. Connected the form to the particular sheet I wanted to update.
  3. Enter data into the form
  4. Data shows on the glideapp datasheet and shows on the app but not on the google sheet.

What I have done

  1. I have refreshed both the app and googlesheet a couple of times
  2. I have linked the button to a different form

Am I getting something wrong?

Hard to say or diagnose without seeing the app in a Glide development environment or the spreadsheet.

Thannks @George_B for replying.

Here is a screenshot of the glideapp datasheet

and here is a screenshot of the Google sheet view

basically, the entries are not in sync. Like they are not connected. Tried creating a new app, still have the same issue

Have you scrolled down to the bottom of the sheet to see if the row is at the bottom?

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Thank you @Jeff_Hager. It was at the bottom. Array function issues.

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