Data Shows in Glide - but not in my google sheet


I am seeing a strange issue in an app I am working on: when I add new data in my app - on my phone - it shows up in the app and in the Glide builder UI. But it does not show up in my linked Google sheet.

When I add data to the Google sheet directly, it shows up in the app and in the Glide builder. (So I know I am looking at the linked Google sheet.)

Then, after a few minutes, the data I entered from my phone disappears from my app and the Glide builder. If I post again from my phone, the data reappears in the app and in the Glide builder UI. But never shows up in my Google sheet.

It seems like several layers of strange behavior. Can anyone offer any insights or assistance?



Hey !

Thanks for sharing your issue with us. Please check that your issue is not related to following post and/or topic :arrow_down:

If the issue persists please let us know :slight_smile:

Hi -

I am using ARRAYCOLUMN formulas. They appear to be working fine. I do not have any data being written mid google sheet.

I do not have any blank columns.

I am not sure the post you shared is helpful in fixing my issue.

Are there some specific GOTCHAs that cause this sort of issue?



Thanks. Any help on that @Jeff_Hager ?

Do you have any rows that are written really down below (like row 501, 1001)?

No. I have tried to “find” my records - but they are no where in the sheet.

Wait I am wrong. I just found them.

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Can you reproduce the problem now?

This was because you use an ARRAYFORMULA. You should delete all empty rows so that this won’t happen again.