Glide App not populating GSheet 😮😫. Help!

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Describe the bug:
Im trying to create a new record using a form from my Glide App, the record doesn´t show up in the google Sheet table but it does appears in the glide app collection component. Very strange… Please answer !! I need help

Expected Behaviour:
The Glide app should populate the google Sheet with the record*

How to replicate:
In the routes (rutas) window within the glide app create a new record using the rigth button “Crear nueva ruta de recolecciones”. It creates a new route in the app but not in the google sheets.


Scroll all the way to the end of your Google Sheet.

Hi David, thanks for your answer… :pray: :pray:

No, no records at the end of the sheet. I had already checked that… :frowning: Please help me David, my client is upset!

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Similar issue here on a Glide Page, not updating to the Google Sheet.
Posted on an earlier thread this morning
Hoping they can get it figured soon!

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Please we need an answer @david . I have paid $400 so far for a good service and support service response about bugs is very very poor :pensive:

This is now fixed.

@Nicolas_Sicard may I please have your account email? This does not match our records.

yes, is: