Serious problem with Glide and Google Sheets


I’m experiencing a serious problem with Glide and Google Sheets:

  • I am unable to create a new app from a Google Sheet (although I can create one from Glide Tables).
  • When I try to sync data, I encounter the error message “Oh sheet! Glide could not reload the sheet.”
  • I have attempted to clear my browser’s cache and cookies.
  • I have tried replacing the Google Sheet, but the issue persists.
  • Additionally, when I duplicate the app, I receive the following error message: “An error occurred duplicating the app. In most cases, this is caused by a large and/or complex Google Sheet. Delete all rows and columns that your app is not using or where there is no data. Glide will append rows as needed, so you can remove all empty rows below the existing data on all of your sheets. Then try duplicating the app again.”

The issue is occurring with all of my apps.

I have tried all of the above suggestions, but none of them have resolved the problem. I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

Are you sure that you are logged into the correct Google Account?
I’d try signing out of Google and sign back in again. Make sure it’s the same Google account that is associated with your Glide account.

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Thank you, @Darren_Murphy

I had tried signing out and signing back in with the same Google account, but it didn’t work. However, I decided to try signing up again, and now it is working. :joy:

What do you mean by signing up? I’ve encountered the same problem.

Also Darren, the google sheets are linked to a different email from the official Glide account’s email. Which one should I be logged into?

If you’re wanting to use Google Sheets with Glide, then you should be using the same Google account for both.