Connect to Google Sheets with a different credential

I have a Google account with a different credential to my Glide account. Is there a way to connect them so that I can use Google Sheets? I generally don’t share credentials across accounts for basic hygiene reasons, so there would need to be some form of linking capability, preferably to specific sheets/documents/folders in my Google account. Is there such a thing?

I think you might be able to share the google sheet in one of you Google accounts with the google account that you use with glide. Once it’s shared, then it should be available to use.

I’m not using a google account with Glide, so that won’t work. I think I’m stuck on this one - may have to close this account and start again with a new Glide/Google account. Thanks for the help.

Ah, I see. I could be wrong, but as far as I know, the only way to connect to a google sheet is to sign into Glide using Google authentication. When you signed up for glide, did you still use your Gmail email address and create a password, or is it a completely separate email address? I’m assuming you used a separate email address.

I do have a suggestion, although I’ve never tried it myself, so I’m not sure if or how it will work. I think you can create a new account with glide, then sign back in with your old account, invite your new account to your team, and link it that way. I’m not completely sure, but you may or may not be able to transfer the app to the new account through the shared team.

I have another suggestion which may be simpler. Do you have an App or a Page project. With app projects, you can enable an option to allow anybody to copy the app. You could enable that temporarily, sign in with your new account, then go to you published app url and click on the copy button. This will make a copy of the app in your new account.

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I’m confident this approach would work fine. One can have a team in multiple Glide accounts, and as long as you the Glide developer are an admin in each account, you can manage the projects in the team seamlessly from any account. It might seem confusing when reading this explanation but it’s actually quick and painless to set up.

EDIT: Once in the account and then project not connected to the Google account, I’m not sure what would happen if, in the project in the data editor, I’d click on the Google Sheets icon to open the Google Sheets spreadsheet in a new tab.


Thanks - I will give that a go and let you know.

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So I created a new account using my google email, and invited it to my team. I got an invitation email to my google account from “” with a link to Glide which I followed, and got the Accept and Continue button which took me to the account. So I am now looking at Ruth’s team projects with my Google account.

When I try to link a Google sheet it says I must sign in to my Google account (which I am signed in with):

After a couple of attempts at the “Sign in” link I get a 400 error:

not surprisingly in my opinion. Another window popped up momentarily before this one but too fast for me to read.

I tried the whole thing again but cleared history/cache etc. between sending the invitation and accepting from my Google account but the same thing happened.

Any ideas?

Is it possible that when you accepted the link in the email in Gmail, you were still signed in your original Glide account (i.e. the one not connected to your Google account)?

To be on the safe side, you could go to both of your Glide accounts, sign out of both, then sign in to the one associated to your Google account, and then only accept the email invitation.

Now when you go to the team in both of the Glide accounts, make sure you as the developer are an admin of the team and not just a member (in both accounts).

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Yep - it was an own goal, having deleted my history I also removed the site security defaults which messed up the integration (should have checked that before posting here - sorry).

Now that I have fixed my own bug I’m happy to say I your suggestion worked and I can now link to a Google sheet in my other account using my Google account. Thanks!

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When you sign into the Glide account not linked to your Google account, enter the project, go to the data editor, what happens when you click on the symbol to open the Google sheet in a new tab (left panel at the bottom)?

(I’m not in front of a computer.)

So, clicking on the link, having signed in and out again via the Google account, takes me directly to the google sheet no problem.

If I log out of everything and then clear history, clicking on the link gets me to the Google sign in page. Once signed in I can reach the sheet. Not sure how that will work for another user of the published app?

The published app does not communicate with the google sheet. Glide does. So there is no need to worry if your end users even have a google account. It’s not required.


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