Google Sheet no longer syncing, manual sync unsuccessful

Hi! I’m hoping someone can help me out…

My App/Pages support link: Glide

My app runs off a google sheet, and it is no longer syncing. When I click the “manually sync data” icon, I get Error 1035: “Glide could not reload the sheet
Make sure the sheet exists and has not been moved to a different location that causes the Glide login email account to not be able to access the sheet.”

I double-checked and my google sheet is published to the web, shared so anyone with the link can view, and when I click “Edit” in the sources menu, it directs to the correct sheet.

I found what seems like the same issue in the Community Support pages, and the advice given was to create a Duplicate of the google sheet, and Replace the source with the duplicate.

This is where I seem to be encountering a Glitch…

I created said duplicate sheet, but when I go into the data source in the settings and click “Replace” it prompts me to Sign in with Google, which I do successfully, and then… NOTHING. I’m not prompted or directed to enter the link for the new data source.

I’m too scared to fully Remove my source and then attach the new one, because I know this will remove a lot of the associated components.

Please help!

Is there a chance the owner of the Sheet was changed recently? I can recall this happen in one of our agency apps last month.

No, the owner of the sheet is and always has been me.