Sheet Reloads Limit

Is there a way to check the sheet reloads limit for our app?

it seems there is an error with the stats we see. Has anything new been implemented?

we cannot write anything from Glide to Google Sheet, however we changes made on Google Sheet are synched to Glide


I will consolidate your two other posts in here because it seems like it’s all related to Glide - Sheet syncing.

Have you tried duplicating the Sheet and reconnect, in a duplicated app, to see if it works?

Shouldn’t this be rolled-up under “Bugs” and not under “How To”? Not sure how Glide tracks/follows/handles these. It seems that a lot of heavy lifting is done by ‘The Community’

These both seem like they could be related and I am tracking this since I am demoing an app with 2,500 rows with ROW-IDs stored in a google sheet and this is disconcerting.

But I am confused on how Glide supports end-users especially around BUGS.

We’ve been chatting in private, let’s exchange in public so others can also benefit.

It is true that a lot of issues are solved in the community forum. Glide has grown quickly and a lot over the past two years, the enthusiasm and expertise of the community is one of its superpowers: it probably fosters member growth, buzz, etc. And the community is happy to contribute, or it wouldn’t be doing it.

Collectively, the members of the community have accumulated a huuuuge amount of knowledge and expertise in Glide. So when do you turn to the community, and when do you turn to Glide support?

For questions related to the product directly, how to’s, best practices, display, data structures, actions, project settings, … I would always turn to the forum first. For issues that are under the hood, where someone would need to look into my app, for major crashes or bugs, or for billing and account issues, then only would I turn to support. Keep in mind that at times, what might appear as a bug is actually unexpected behavior due to some lack of understanding of the platform. Of course this might be an indication that Glide still has work to do to simplify our experience as developers, but it also means that someone in the community might be able to solve your issue which wasn’t really a bug in the first place.

At the end of the day, wherever you ask, you’ll be welcomed by people happy to try to help.


Such a well-written comment. Will definitely use this as a reference in the future. Thank you!