"Oh sheet! Glide could not reload..."

For the past 3 days I have been getting the “Oh sheet!” reload error. Not sure if anyone else has been experiencing this but my app is around 20,000 rows on a google sheet that users will be using a compound action to move the row contents to a glide sheet and delete the data from the google sheet.

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 11.58.58 AM

I got this error too. My sheet is just filled with some records for developing and testing. I woud say it took about 30 Minutes to get changes from google to glide.


Yes, exactly… 30 minutes for me too.

Ya, me too…

Me too… exact same problem…

Also rows are syncing in Glide (rowIDs) but not transferring to the sheets…

This is due to a large row count, although you did not exceed the row count after 13,000 rows this starts happening. I had this issue for over 2 weeks and kept narrowing down rows until I got it to load again. Filled the rows back up and same issue occured. I do not think Glide can reload such a large data set.

My solution to this is setting the data in a different google sheet and using 2 import ranges to get my results, it does create a small delay but it allows the app to work properly. With that being said I did have to use a script to add new information to the other google sheet since Glide cannot enter data in additional sheets.

If your curious about the doube importranges it goes like this:
1- The data you are looking up or referencing is imported to the sheet with all the data.
2- The second sheet houses all of your lookups.
3- That sheet returns the result in the same list format as your Glide google sheet.
4- The Glide google sheet imports the results as the 2nd import range.
It’s that simple. Heres what my 2 sheets look like doing this for Glide:

And this solution pulls from a google sheet of 95,000+ rows


I’m having users export their past google sheet data into a glide sheet upon membership renewal to narrow down the sheet rows. Otherwise I’d be hosed. This is a marathon training group who logs every run. With 3000 members, that’s a LOT of data per season.

Any word on MAX glide sheet rows?

It’s 25k
But I don’t know if it affects the performance. We cannot directly import into glide sheets just yet so not a lot of people use a large amount of rows in glide sheets.

If you choose the option I explaine above I also use a OnChange() script that automatically puts a random number in a unused cell in a page glide references. What this does is trigger an change for google sheets and for glide so google sheets is forced to perform a second save which glide’s onedit check triggers and it still has a delay but its about 7 to 8 seconds.

This is the script I used for that:

function ForceOnEdit(e) {
    var ActiveSheet = e.source.getActiveSheet().getName();
    var ActiveColumn = e.source.getActiveCell().getColumn();
    var ActiveRow = e.source.getActiveCell().getRow();
 if(ActiveSheet == 'USERS' && ActiveColumn == 4){
    var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
    spreadsheet.setActiveSheet(spreadsheet.getSheetByName('USERS'), true);
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Problem solved!

You have a sheet, Training Schedule, with arrayformulas on row 2 and it has 50K+ rows. You need to delete all empty rows. Even though Glide does not load those blank rows, the Google API sends them. Glide them parses out the blank ones but the bandwidth of loading them initially is still there.

As a general rule remove all empty rows and columns, especially on sheets that have formulas in row 2 or 1, like arrayformulas, that add values all the way down a column.

Do all that and see if that helps. With that much data you will experience slowness with the Google sheet is updated with data from the app. Especially of there are lots of formulas that get updated as a result of that data. Try moving as many sheets to Glide Sheet/Tables to reduce the number of rows on your Google Sheet.



What did it reduce your row count to? I think Glide really needs to look into this row count issue and at least mention the row count can cause reloading issues.

It didn’t reduce the row count. Read the message. Google sends ALL ROWS regaurdless if they are blank or not. But it did make the difference for me to delete the 50k+ blank rows from that single sheet.

Yeah, even after I delete all blank rows I still had issues. But I was just checking up. I think my 95k row solution will remain :slight_smile:

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I have a sheet with over 17,600 rows in Users sheet as members of my community. I use this sheet to assign a member number to a member for a raffle. So you are saying that If I move all of these users to a separate sheet (or even a spreadsheet outside of the one connected to glide), I can importrange all of those users and the user info of user currently using the app can be imported while they are inside the app?
So if i am reading this correctly I need to create a separate spreadsheet, moving all users, member number and emails. Then reimport those ranges back into the Users sheet inside glide… is that correct?

That’s exactly what I do. SInce I can not have our entire customer database in Glide due to its amount I just use importrange to pull the customers as needed.

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Sent you a message… thank you for this help!

I am getting the same error. Please help.