Reloading your spreadsheet took too long, so Glide aborted


I can reload my sheet. He is a quiet big with a lot of formula but it works on google sheet.

Can you help me please ?

Hey ! Welcome board the community.

Can you please show us a little video of what’s exactly happening with your sheet (or app?) ?


Thank you.

In my document sheet i changed url links in cells but they don’t update in glide when i click the circle arrow.

A message apear in a popup.
“reloading your spreadsheet took too long, so glide aborted.”

The image of the error.
Thank you for you help !

How many rows do you have at the moment?

Is there any formula you use that can be done inside Glide?

Thanks @ThinhDinh for your help !

@ThinhDinh don’t forget to delete all your empty rows, that’ll help :slight_smile:

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i don’t know what is happened but it’s working now. thank you very much

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