Glide only loads 10 rows per sheet

I have a google sheet with four sheets, each one with 111 rows
From the menu sheet there’s is glide relation with one of that sheets. Glide doesn’t use the others.
Glide shows I’m using 234/500 rows
Anyhow, it seems I’ve reached the rows limit, as Glide only loads the first 10 rows of the four sheets.
Any help?

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If you are using a Gsheets, please submit a support ticket.

Can you share some screenshots or a video? Do you use just Google Sheets or do you have Airtable/Excel as well?

Did you get an answer? I have the same problem and a massive headache.


The answer was disheartening: if you want to see all the rows you must upgrade.
Anyhow, my app works fine. The rows display issue only happens on the app edit screen

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Hy Guy,

I have the same issue, I published my app to see if their is improvement like Profechef did, but…

There is some sheet that are better but still not all data load, and other are still stuck at 10.

When the issue arise at first, I just needed to refresh my browser, but now I am stuck.

I didn’t pass over the limit (row), I cleaned my sheet, I don’t have formula, juste data.

I made a video to explain here : Issue loading row.mp4 - Google Drive

I contacted the support, I tried everything, copy and replace the sheet, I cleaned my sheet, I even duplicate the app with another copy of my sheet, nothing seem to work.

Do anyone has update on this ?

I am currently with the support, but I am trying to find any piece of information about the topic, because the core feature of my app is stuck because my data base doesn’t load…

Things haven’t changed for me. I still see only ten rows while editing my app

My issue have been sent to the engineering team.

I don’t think that the same issue, as even when I publish my app, all row don’t load in the app and it can’t display the data correctly…

I will let you know if they find something

Has anyone gotten anything back from this feedback?
I started getting this issue as well since the start of the year. Some tables only show 10 rows at a time, some show more. It is quite annoying since there is a table (glide table) that I need to clean out regularly to not go over my quota and doing it 10 at a time > refreshing the page > clicking the table > select all > delete over 20 times is very annoying.

So can you confirm that you’re on a paid plan and the rows are not fully loaded in the editor?

If this issue still persists, please get support from within Glide while the app is open by selecting the “?” button at the bottom right. That will bring you to a support page, which currently has an “Open Support Ticket” link.

Since when has this been a paid only feature?

Was just asking to check if you’re potentially over the rows limit. If you’re not over the rows limit for your project, then that’s a bug and needs to be reported.