Glide Page doesn't get all the data from the google sheet table

Hi Community , I just start using Glide Page , everything work well except that some Datas are missing

  1. The data on the table are not lost but when I checked on Glide Table , some are missing
  2. The Column are basic text like name and job no computed column
    3.I test adding data from filling from , the new row added to sheet and glide normally
  3. There are about 35 rows in Google Sheet but only 10 in Glide
  4. I using same Google Sheet with Glide app

The glide editor might have a glitch… since is visualizing codes and executions… try to refresh, in most cases the live app will work as is intended to work

If you are using Google Sheet, and only see 10 rows, the most likely reason is you have another tab on that Google Sheet that is also attached to the App and is being used, and you are exceeding the row count for your particular plan (Paid, Free, etc.). The total row limit for an App for all sheets on the free plan is 500. If you have 501 rows, you will only see 10 rows on any particular sheet you are viewing from the Glide side.

I am using old one with Pro plan , can I transfer Pro Plan to my new Glide Page ?

I just bought starter plan which I sure that numbers of row not exceed , the same problem still happening

Can you add screenshots of both your Google Sheet and the same table as viewed in the Glide Data Editor?

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