Google Sheets data to Glide Data

Hi, I am having some trouble with the data from google sheets to the glide data. I have a sheet that I need to export which only has 19 rows, but for some reason when I check the glide data it only shows 10 rows and I don`t know how to solve it. It is very urgent so if anyone know the problem please tell me.

Are you on the Free Plan? How many rows does the spreadsheet have altogether?

We currently have the starter paid plan and the spreadsheet should have about 5600 rows in total

Starter plans only allows 5000 rows, so I think what you are seeing is the result of you passing the limit in other tables of that app.

Exactly. Either upgrade your plan or remove unnecessary rows prior to the export.

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Thanks for the help, but it still does not work, I already tried removing 2500 rows and I still only get 10 rows from a 19 row sheet.

Can you share some screenshots or a video of the problem?