Sheets table missing data free plan

my google sheet has 300+ rows. (two tabs)

when i see it in glide pages, it shows one of the tabs in its entiriety and the other one it randomly displays 79 rows…

this is a page that was created with the free account.

i tried to move the data to glide tables and had the exact same experience. is this some type of limit in the free account?

check usage. i guess you have only 500 row in free plan, so not all of them synced to glide

Hi Andrey

Thank you for responding. Support has an open ticket (despite the fact that I am on a free plan). Turns out they can’t figure out why but my account has a 100 row cap instead of the 500 its supposed to… I will post again once they resolve it in case anyone else has this issue.

My guess is that this stems from the fact that I was on a legacy paid version before I cancelled the subscription and built this new app…

Yes, I’ve seen this before. The way to get around this is to create a new Team and transfer your project to that new team. Limits changed, so your existing team is hanging onto its original limits.

I had this happen to me once. I had an app in the My Apps folder that I rebuilt as a Page. The new Page project was still in the My Apps folder, so it understandably had the 100 row limit. Even after transferring the Page project to a new team folder, it still was capped at 100 rows. I ended up putting the project aside for a few weeks and eventually when I came back, it had updated to the 500 row limit. I don’t know why I had the issue, but ever since it’s been fine.

I wonder if your project is still stuck on a legacy billing cycle until the next month.

hi All
thank you for the replies and details. I just checked the app and its fully functional now. My guess is that the support team worked some magic and removed the limit.

I am happy to report i am good to go.