Can anyone confirm this?

Can anyone confirm this?

I have noticed that since Glide has updated its pricing, rows are counted in a different way.

Previously, the sheets that were not used in the app were not counted in the app’s limit but now if I have a sheet in google sheets with 200 rows and they are not used in the app, they will still be counted in my limit.

Not only that, if I cross my 500-row limit, the additional rows won’t be visible in the Glide editor. Previously the rows were visible in the Glide table but we couldn’t display or use them in the app.

Because of this change, I will have to fix clean the unused data for all apps that I have made using the free version. :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

Unused rows should not count against your quota. Check to make sure you don’t have a relation or screen that’s accessing the table.

I checked t. So many times.

I counted all the rows in all my tables manually and I noticed as soon as they cross 500, additional rows are not shown in the glide tables. Doesn’t matter if the table is used in the app or not.

This has happened after the new pricing updates.

Just wanted to confirm if it’s just me who is facing this bug or if there are other people as well.

I upgraded my app, and the data that wasn’t being shown on Glide tables instantly appeared.

Rows in unused tables should still not be counted. Cc @SantiagoPerez

We need a support ticket or a link.